Dorrie Brooks, President

An architect from Florence, MA, Dorrie joined the Board in 2012.  She was inspired to help NCR make the move from the Oxbow to the current site where she helped to develop the new facilities. As president, she remains focused on program expansion, coaching development and outreach efforts.  A member of the adult competitive team since 2010, Dorrie is fascinated by the zen aspects of rowing and is still working hard at learning how not to work so hard, in rowing and in life.

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Wendy Mardas, Vice President
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Wendy lives in Hatfield, where she works as a researcher and writer. She has been on the Board since 2016, and she has also been involved with NCR for several years as the parent of a youth rower. As vice president and chair of the parent committee, she is especially interested in reaching out to parents and motivating them to become active participants in our growing Hamp Crew community.

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Wendy Bernstien, Clerk

Wendy is a graduate of University of Vermont & Medical College of Virginia is a Registered Dietitian. After being Intrigued by watching her daughter row for Hamp Crew, Wendy joined NCR and is enthusiastically part of the Masters competitive team and the NCR Board.

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Todd Gocken, Program Director

Todd was a founding member of Wabash Crew at Wabash College in 1992.  After college, Todd began rowing in Chicago, first with Chicago Rowing Union (CRU) and later with Lincoln Park Boat Club.  In addition to rowing competitively, Todd served on the Board of Directors of the Lincoln Park Boat Club as Vice Commodore.  He also served as interim coach for several programs in Chicago including Lincoln Park Boat Club, University of Chicago Crew and DePaul University Crew.

Later, Todd spent 3 years as Novice Men's Coach for the University of Illinois rowing program before moving back to Chicago to become Program Director and Head Coach for the Chicago Training Center - a rowing program for underserved, inner-city youth on the South Side of Chicago.  While in Chicago, Todd was also the Varsity Men's coach for the Northwestern University Crew.  

In 2016 Todd moved to Northampton, Massachusetts to become Program Director and Head Coach for Northampton Community Rowing.

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Sandra Bucan, Head Master's Coach

Sandra has been part of Northampton Community Rowing's coaching staff since 2014.  In that time she has coached nearly all of the different programs at NCR.  For the past year, Sandra has been focused on coaching the morning Masters programs, which consist of competitive, intermediate as well as learn to row groups.  

In more then a decade of coaching experience, she has worked with a variety of age and skill levels, coaching collegiate, masters and youth programs predominantly in New Jersey, as well as in her home country of Serbia. She is also presently Women’s rowing coach at Amherst College.

During her long rowing career, Sandra has been a member of her hometown team Red Star, as well as the Serbian National Team. She continued her rowing journey at Dowling College, NY representing their team for another 3.5 years. She also made her first coaching steps at Dowling College. She feels very lucky to have found her way to such welcoming and warm community, filled with so many wonderful, fun and hard working people.




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Howard Moore, Youth Coach
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Howard was a founding member of the University of Kansas Crew, and for a few years after graduation coached the KU novice lightweight men. After a one-year internship at Brown, Howard coached varsity women at Purdue, novice men at Wesleyan, varsity women at Virginia, and varsity men at UMass. Howard spent his summers during those years coaching Adult and Youth programs at the Narragansett Boat Club. For the past couple of decades, Howard has been a lawyer working in the Juvenile Court, but has been in touch with rowing through his wife, Stephanie Moore, who was Northampton’s first youth coach and is the leader of HolyokeRows.

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Athena Sylos, Middle School Coach

Athena learned to row on Paradise pond at Smith College in the spring of 1990, and has been rowing ever since.  She rowed for Smith College, Clemson University Club team, and in many of the incarnations of masters rowing in the valley, Pioneer Valley Women’s Rowing through NCR.  She is a co-captain of the Northampton Community Rowing Master’s team and has been coaching the youth since 2015.  She is excited about all aspects of the sport, especially the sportsmanship, and brings a community, all-ages approach to building our rowing community.  She feels incredibly lucky to work with our talented and committed middle school team.

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